used in a number of phrases that refer to people working together as a group in order khổng lồ achieve something:

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khổng lồ work together in order to lớn achieve sầu a shared ayên ổn, rather than trying to achieve sầu things just for yourself or working against others:
team (up) with sb Some small community hospitals are looking to team up with bigger health care providers.
team (up) with sb khổng lồ do sth The cửa hàng is teaming with high-kết thúc manufacturers khổng lồ offer exclusive products to lớn its customers.

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Nevertheless, teaching team building và communication skills requires an opportunity to practice these skills in vivo in the educational setting.
The new team-based algorithm took substantially more time lớn run lớn completion than the original separable algorithm.
With programmable control, the prosthetic team can create virtually any control scheme that suits a person"s quality abilities.
Typically, it would have sầu been a year when the management team would have had generous bonus payouts.
The e-mail questionnaire was intended lớn provide the retìm kiếm team with baseline information và as a source for preparing individual-tailored semistructured interviews.
Additional recommendations were often made about training, multidisciplinary teams, contribution to registries, và research, but these were not the focus of the present study.
The transplant team directs the care of its patients regardless of the unit lớn which they are admitted.
Where face-to-face attendance at team meetings is difficult, access lớn alternative sầu ways of communicating with other team members will be found.
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Các trường đoản cú thường xuyên được áp dụng cùng với team.

In his junior year, he was named khổng lồ the second-team all-conference team after rushing for 998 yards & leading his team in touchdowns with 17.
He also led the basketball team to a state title in 2008 as a point guard & was named to the all-state team.