Impact ATK% VS Physical/Elemental DMG%. Base attaông xã. Damage calculation. Damage calculator. Comparison. Artifact main stats. Goblet main stats.

Likely a question that will be brought up when you want lớn start optimizing your stats. You can only get a Physical/Elemental DMG Bonus from an artifact mainstat, và only on the goblet piece. So which goblet main stat lớn use? The short "tl;dr" answer is Physical/Elemental DMG is often better, but attack% can be better if you have sầu good substats.

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Attachồng is used as the source of all damage, so increasing attaông xã will increase all damage dealt from a character. However, getting attack ≠ damage. When you get a +một nửa attack, it does not mean that you will deal một nửa more damage. It works the same with Physical/Elemental DMG Bonus as well. The main difference is that a specific DMG bonus is more effective because of how damage is calculated.

If you want to lớn know more about damage calculation, kiểm tra the doc made by the community for a more in-depth post about it.


When you tap the "Details" button on the character screen, below your character's stats, you can see there are 2 numbers on the right. The Trắng number is the base stats, và the green number on the right with the "+" are from your gears and buffs.

Base stats are inherently from your character, và also from the weapon that you equip. Levelling up your character và weapon will increase the base attaông xã of your character.

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The attachồng percentages and buffs are always a percentage of your base attaông chồng. Using the picture shown above as an example, the base stat is 483. Getting a +1/2 attack means that it gets a +241.5 additional attaông chồng = 724. Getting another +một nửa attack simply means another +241.5, instead of 724 * 1.5. There will be a point where you can get attachồng bonuses from many different sources making this less effective sầu since it's always based on the base value.

Picking a specific type of DMG bonus means that you thua out on the attack% artifact main piece, this could essentially mean that you deal less overall damage, but these specific physical/elemental damage have its benefits.

Physical damage dealternative text can be increased by causing Superconduct on an enemy, reducing their physical resistance by around 40%. If you use elemental abilities to lớn damage them, then it will khuyễn mãi giảm giá lower damage compared to lớn using an attack% main stat, but your physical damage will be higher if you use a Physical DMG Bonus main stat. The same with an elemental damage type. You can use elemental reactions like Melt and/or Vaporize lớn deal higher damage.


Diluc & Keqing are good examples to show with this. Both are main DPS that can giảm giá physical and/or elemental damage, & can imbue their normal attacks with an element. Using atk% goblet main stat increases damage dealt by both types, but going with elemental dmg main stat can kết thúc up dealing more if you take advantage of elemental reactions.

This can also be further boosted by using artifact sets like Crimson Witch of Flames. If your playstyle doesn't revolve around combos, & just want a simple button mashing playstyle, then going full attaông chồng with Gladiators Finale can be the better option.


If you're feeling unsure about which one is better for your thiết lập, it's better to lớn calculate the stats và compare which one is better. You can vị this manually by looking at the damage calculation formula, or use a damage calculator sites lượt thích the one shown above sầu. Credit goes khổng lồ u/ImpactGCalc on reddit.