Combining Facebook referrals for better reporting: lm.facebook, l.facebook, m.facebook

If you use Facebook to lớn drive traffic to lớn your site, và Google Analytics to lớn analyze those visits, there is a good chance that you have come across multiple referrals including,, &

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Option 2: Combine Facebook Referrals by Device

To split mobile và desktop Facebook referrals:

You will need two filters for this. Follow the same steps above, & adjust the STEPhường 5 filter configuration for each filter lượt thích this:

Filter name: "Unify Desktop Facebook Referrals."Filter Field find và select: Campaign SourceSearch String enter: ^(l|web).facebookReplace String enter: facebookFilter name: "Unify Mobile Facebook Referrals."Filter Field find and select: Campaign SourceSearch String enter: ^(lm|mobile|touch).facebookReplace String enter: m.facebook

That"s it! From now on your Facebook referrals will be better reported.

What is the Meaning of the Different Facebook Referrals?

Now you know that these multiple referrals don"t add any value to lớn your Analytics và you should combine them. Using the methods above sầu.

But why are they split like that? and what"s their meaning?

As I mentioned before this is only how Facebook handles its links internally và has nothing khổng lồ offer your Analytics. But lớn help you understand, I"ll describe the most comtháng ones.

What is

This one is easy. As you can probably imagine, the referral preceding by an m. comes from điện thoại devices, while the regular one "" comes from a desktop/máy tính xách tay computer.

In some occasions, you may see them as (desktop) or thiết bị di độ

What is

Whenever you see the referral it means that the user passed through a Link Shim before arriving at your site.

A link shyên (represented by the letter "L") is a privacy measure introduced by Facebook in 2008 & has two purposes:

Protect the privacy of the user by removing any personal information in the referrer (URL) lượt thích IDs or usernames.Protecting the user from Malicious Sites: Facebook checks for flagged sites và if they detect one it shows a warning to the user so he/she can continue or cancel the action.

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Now, don"t worry!, most of the time when you see an it is just for privacy reasons. But if you want to make sure you are not flagged, just open one of your link from Facebook, if you don"t see any warning then it"s OK.

What is

The referral is exactly the same as the only difference is that the user came from a thiết bị di động device

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Wrapping it up

Most of the time you will see your referrals with only one name (lượt thích Twitter or LinkedIn).

In Facebook cases, you can find a multiple different referrals. This extra information will only split your data và make it more difficult to lớn analyze.

To avoid this, you can easily combine them và get better reports from Facebook.

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Improve sầu the unique of your Analytics data

Answer the following basic questions:

Do you have filters for ghost, crawler & language spam?If yes, Are those filters efficient? meaning you don"t have khổng lồ create/update them constantly.Are you blocking good bots & spiders?Are you filtering development & thử nghiệm environments?Are you filtering internal traffic (traffic generated by you or your team)?Do you have a clean segment to remove spam from your historical data?

If any of your answers is "NO," then you probably are getting junk traffic that is corrupting your data.

The following guide will help you set everything your Analytics needs khổng lồ receive not only clean but also meaningful data! Go to lớn the guide và get your Google Analytics in shape.

Need help setting up a robust và reliable Google Analytics reporting for your website/business?

Filters for data quality User interaction tracking (events, goals)E-commerce trackingGDPR complianceGoogle Tag Manager implementationIntegrations (Google Ads, Search Console, etc)Custom reports (Dashboards, Data studio)Monthly reporting và more...

I can help you

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